Enduring in Smyrna

This is a guest appearence by my wife Judith Witt.

In this talk we look at the Letter to the persecuted chruch in Smyrna, Revelation 2:8-11. Endurance and overcoming fear are key messages to the church in Smyrna, that was not only poor but also persecuted. We can learn important lessons from their example today.

This podcast was recorded at South Church, Mkushi, Zambia 14th August 2016

© Copyright, Jon Paul Witt and Judith Karen Witt, 2016


Introduction to the Letters of Revelation


In overviewing the seven letter of Revelation, I take some time to look at Revelation 1:9-20

In this talk I take some time to sketch out the background to the letters, asking questions like, Who was John, What was going on at the time of the letters? The talk centres on the need to persevere in suffering, worship Jesus and to serve the church, finally looking at what stops us from pursuing serving God in the reality of our lives.

We are called to be Light in the Darkness, through the seven letters John plots the way of how we can do this.

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Light in a Dark World, The Letters of Revelation

This podcast was recorded at South Church, Mkushi, Zambia 24th July 2016

© Copyright, Jon Paul Witt, 2016