Religious and Indifferent in Sardis

In this talk we look at the Letter to the Church in Sardis, Revelation 3:1-6. There doesn’t seem to be much good said about the church in this once thriving city. We examine what it means to be truly alive and truly a follower of Jesus. Even thought this message is hard, it contains some fantastic encouragement. We can walk with God into eternity proud of what we have achieved here. For those of us who struggling, maybe even dying spiritually, we can be turned around so that we can live. No-one is ever beyond hope.

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This podcast was recorded at South Church, Mkushi, Zambia 4th September 2016.

© Copyright, Jon Paul Witt, 2016

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Truth and Love in Ephesus


I take to time to examine Jesus’ words to the Church in Ephesus, Revelation 2:1-7. Commending them for their hard work and perseverance, Jesus focuses on their lack of love in word and deed for those around them. In this thought provoking sermon, we examine the question, what is more important, Truth or Love? What do these traits have to do with bringing people to what the passage calls the ‘Tree of Life’ which is presence with God in paradise forever?

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Light in a Dark World, The Letter to the Church in Ephesus

This podcast was recorded at South Church, Mkushi, Zambia 7th August 2016

© Copyright, Jon Paul Witt, 2016

My Life Story!

timeline I’ve finally got around to putting one or two media files on this site. Over the next few weeks there will be an awful lot more. One of the curious things when you meet someone, is what were they like year ago? What is their background?

Well for those of you who have really wanted to know that about me, here we go. The recordings below are from a radio interview I did for Flame FM (Wirral Christian Radio) in 2004 with a good friend of mine Mike Haynes.

The programme is imaginatively called ‘Haynsies Friends’ and well, maybe it’s worth playing in the background as you do your work.

It contains some details of where I come from, how I got started in what I am currently doing and one or two other interesting stories along the way. I am sure you’ll be able to see how God has worked in my life over the least 32 years as well!

Programme 1

Programme 2