Jon Paul WittJon, is an Evangelist who is based in the United Kingdom and Southern Africa. He is a thinker, pioneer and spiritual entrepreneur, best known for a dogged spirit and out of the box thinking. He usually dovotes his missional life to the remote parts of Africa. His life is about doing as much as he can to help people find and follow life’s great purpose: To know and love God.

He is also the founder and leader  of Dignity, a charity that, “exists for one reason. To pioneer ways in which our hope in Jesus can transform lives into ways of loving others.” He spends his time speaking, meeting people and designing schemes that allow the mission of Dignity to move forward with purpose and invention.

He is also quite fanatical about the football team Everton, and takes great pleasure in watching them occasionally win a game in the English Premier League.

Jon has been working in Africa for over fifteen years and over that time has amassed experience and understanding of the cultures contained within the region. He has a degree in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Theology. Both skills are very useful in the vocation he now finds himself in.

Jon is married to Judith who is also involved in the work.  They have three children, Ethan, Joshua and Jacob. As they believe that workng as family is important, they can all often be found with beautiful people in the bush, working together for the greater good and God’s glory.

You can follow Jon on twitter, facebook and here at http://www.jonpaulwitt.com