Crossing the divide

My Colin Prior desk calendar sits on my desk in front of me. It pictures the Sound of Taransay on the Isle of Lewis. Probably a million miles from where I am currently sitting….or certainly feels like it. Outside my window, lies Miombo woodland and an outlook over our campsite that in a week or so will be full of Impact Team members gathering for their half yearly training.

Completely different worlds. Zambia is as different from the Highlands of Scotland as the Moon is from the Earth.

Why do it? Why change worlds regularly each year.

The other night I was sat in house group here in Mkushi with a bunch of commercial farmers. By definition all of us present were rich. Even if not monetarily, in terms of access to capital, we have few equals in the surrounding areas of rural villages. This mainly white world of farmers again is a different world, that hardly ever intersects apart from employment with Rural Africa. Again, we could ask why cross this divide?

Jesus was found as a man amongst us. From a world more different from our own as any of the above. He came to rescue us, to put things right, to put the whole of humanity on the correct course again. It’s good news and it started by what theologians call the Incarnation. In more simple words, changing worlds to come to our own and be found amongst us.

What Jesus did was to bring heaven to touch earth. He brought two worlds together.

This gives us an answer to the question why. It is nothing to do with what I can offer the rural places of Africa, it is everything to do with what God can offer. He wants me here at this present time and that settles it. There are some fringe benefits as well…… sunshine being one of them!

Seriously though, I do have maybe one attribute that allows me to enter the world of another. I can actually get there. I am rich enough in this world to be able to do at least something on behalf of others. I share that attribute with most commercial farmers, city people within Africa and even many of you reading this. We are able to bridge the gap and enter the world of another with the express mission of bringing them life.

So is that an answer, I feel God has told me to do it and secondly I am able to do it?

Given that positioning in life, why would we ever want to do anything different?

Let that not be an excuse to the poor to sit back and just receive. Everyone in this world has a God given calling whether rich or poor, with whatever resources we have. We can all do something. In travelling thousands of miles and diverse cultures, my aim is to help people find that ‘something’ no-matter who they are.

Maybe if we cross a bridge, cross a divide, it also helps others to do so. Conversely if we do not, others will maybe not.

Crossing the divide, changing world for the sake of others creates life and we aim for life in this world and the next.

Some questions: Where has God placed you? What divides can you cross? What will be the effect if you do?

Maybe just maybe, someone is depending on the fact that you do indeed cross the divide, whether it is sexual, racial, national or some other ‘al.


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