On His Majesty’s Secret Service


Now I am not likening myself to James Bond here. I may have the piercing blue eyes of Daniel Craig, but that is where the likeness ends. I’m sure if it had been my bare torso emerging from the Blue Mediterranean in Casino Royale, the headlines would have been different to the cries of adulation that greeted Mr Craig.

Ian Fleming’s fictional character James Bond, the secret agent 007 worked for a power higher than himself, the British Government. Likewise, so do I, but a government infinitely higher than that of my home country. I as a Christian stand for the government of God in this world. The Bible talks of Christians being Christ’s Ambassadors, carrying authority of God’s government with them.

I’ve always found one passage of the Bible intriguing. It’s the passage in Matthew 21 where Jesus asks his disciples to go and get a donkey for him to ride into Jerusalem. He tells them where to go and what to do. His disciples ask, “what should we do if anyone asks what we are doing?”. Jesus replies to them, “tell them that the Lord needs them and they will send them straight away”. Some people believe that Jesus owned the donkey anyway, and that the disciples were simply fetching it. I don’t believe this is the case at all as Jesus really didn’t own much at all. A donkey was a valuable commodity.

Why could Jesus simply obtain the donkey that obviously wasn’t his own? Imagine if I walked into a bank and stated, “Please give me £10000, it’s for the Lord”. I may not end the day as a free man. There is something of God’s will and organisation going on here.

We have been living, somewhat squatting in a house owned by a company here in Mkushi. The company have been very lovely and hospitable and we are very thankful to them. In March just before travelling back to Zambia, there was a moment where we only had somewhere to live for the next 3 days, then this house came up.

The initial plan was to stay for 2-3 weeks. However some other arrangements had not happened regarding our building, making our situation very difficult indeed. The person coming to work in Zambia and live in the house then announced they were not coming anymore and we could stay for a while longer. Why did that happen?

Yesterday I was discussing with Jude when we should move over to our site. The campsite is virtually done, a garage half up and the roof is nearly ready to be constructed onto the house. Still a lot of work to be done, but there is running water and even a toilet and hot shower! We decided upon a week in August. This week just happens to be when the company need us to move out. I only found that out this morning.

Last night I felt God share with me the story of the Donkey in Matthew. I guess he was saying, “what you require will always be there Jon”. That doesn’t mean everything is easy, but what you need will always be there. Working for God means you often see circumstances move before you and around you. I could tell many such stories of God’s provision and faithfulness.

The thing is you only see them when you are on active service. If you are too busy making your life comfortable and providing for yourself, God has no need to step in. When everything has hit the fan and you have put yourself in a difficult place on active service for God, you see him step in.
It sometimes is truly mind blowing how God does this. I wish I could get it into my thick skull that God always makes a way. I’ve seen it so often but often I get full of fear or worry at the first sign of trouble.

Maybe we should all remember that we enrolled in His service and that He will never leave us or forsake us.

Well always be able to grab a donkey when we need one.


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