Much Ado About Nothing

I received an email the other day regarding what is popularly called the New Atheism. In other words, the atheism made popular by Dawkins et. al. Within the email was the following point that I think is so brilliant I thought I would re-produce it here.

“What is conspicuously absent is what they actually are for. Once you get beyond the furious barrage of attacks on any form of religion all you find are some rather sad statements to the effect that ‘we are alone in the universe’, ‘because there is no ultimate meaning we better make one up’ and when we die ‘all that happens is eternal darkness and silence’. These are not inspiring words and they are matched by a lack of inspiring deeds. There are no grand visionary atheist projects that I know of: no schools for the poor dedicated to unbelief, no humanistic hospitals, no atheistic cathedrals, no campaigns in the name of evolution to put social wrongs right. True, there is a proposed ‘New College of the Humanities’ with very strong atheistic overtones, but with student costs of £18,000 a year it’s hardly going to be for the struggling masses.”

I think that is utterly brilliant. One of the points I am always making in regarding to Christianity is that you can measure the quality of your faith by what you do. It is a yard stick if you like.

Does this then mean that Atheism is not up to much…..?????

quote taken from J. John of The Philo Trust, you can read the rest of the article here.




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