Scotland really is the most beautiful country. Mountains, lochs, idyllic villages and sea, it really has it all. There is a road in Glencoe, it runs parallel to the main A82, from Glencoe village to the Clachaig Inn, the unofficial home of Scottish mountaineering. The road runs mainly through dense woodland and is set deep in the glen, surrounded by some of the finest mountains in Scotland.

I found myself driving down this road today. 3 children in the car, one of whom is 10 yrs old. Whilst driving I reminisced a little, as my life has some relationship with this narrow, single track ribbon of tarmac.

The first time I ever saw Glencoe was when I was 20, 16 years ago. It was tipping it down with rain. The kind of day you were very glad to be inside a National Express coach. It was on this trip that I proposed to Jude. Quite a significant event in my life. Stood by the shores of Loch Leven, Jude decided to walk with me and things have never quite been he same again.

I remember walking down our Glencoe road the night after I proposed. The weather had been terrible. Our tent had been blown down, the pub was 3 miles away. In the search of hot food we walked there and back with a random man from Jordan named Zed. When we returned from the pub, the “fixed” tent was in half and we slept in the campsite laundrette.

I remember visiting this road with Emma and Phil, after climbing the mountain Bidean Nam Bian. It was a misty wet day, and we spent 8 hours in the unearthly cloud then meeting the girls later. We probably didn’t smell to well……

A few years later, with Ethan our baby in tow, we travelled this road once again. This time hunting for a lost walking boot that had fallen out of our car a week before. A friend had seen a boot on a wall that they thought at the time was mine, but thought it couldn’t possibly be. It was and it was still there.

We’ve used the road a few times. Once we visited Glencoe lochan with Ethan, Joshua and Jacob. They loved running about and playing in the trees and mud. By this time my life was very different.

Today when driving down, my thoughts were drawn to 16 years of my own history. 16 years ago I was no way near as confident as I am now, I’ve always struggled a bit with that. My life was in some ways completely different when I first travelled the road. I wasn’t married, didn’t have any kids, lived mainly in the UK and carried the optimism and light thought that accompany youth.

These touch points, physical places in my life have always given me a sense of perspective and also a sense of Gods involvement. He has bought me this far. I know he will take me on.

Who knows what will happen before the next time I am travelling that road again.


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