A Dream

Temperatures in And around Innsbruck have been well below or around freezing for a few weeks. Sitting slap bang in the middle of Alps and at high altitude, this part of Austria gets more than its fair share of snow and ice. The city is surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains.

Sitting on the balcony of our rented home, I’m looking up one such mountain towards an idyllic typical Tyrolean wooden house. It’s in the distance but I can see the layers of frosted snow lying on the roof. A warm welcoming light is on, lighting up the surrounding darkness.
The house is surrounded by a dense forest of fir trees and in its’ elevated position commands a peaceful yet stunning view of the surrounding mountains.

Why am I writing about a house? Well it may sound a little twee, but this house represents a dream I have. I’ve always wanted to live in such a place. I love trees and mountains. Just being in a densely forested area makes me instantly relax. Mountains make it all the better. There have been times in my life where such a direction has captivated me. Maybe it will happen some day…..

It is a fact that all of our dreams we need to hold lightly. The fact is, me living in a Tyrolean cottage somewhere up an Austrian Alp does not exactly fit with my ongoing mission and work in Africa. I don’t need to be a genius to work that one out! Yet it is strangely captivating.

There are some people who believe that God exists simply to give us our dreams. Now no doubt, he does allow us some of them. Sometimes through hard work, luck, guidance or whatever else we stumble into them. However, having that dream that at the cost of everything is where trouble can begin.

Credit card bills, huge overdrafts, a missed calling, always at work and having a forgotten family. Such dreams can force us to sacrifice a huge cost to attain them, and yet they can still be elusive. The allure is powerful, the reality, often lacking.

So what have I done with my dream? I haven’t forgotten about it. I haven’t dismissed it. I’ve simply put it in the proper place. I’ll take the opportunity if it comes but I won’t give up on the work that has been given to me.

The issue comes when you give up on reality and hold onto a vapour of a dream.


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