You can’t choose your Friends…

There’s an old saying in the United Kingdom, it goes something like this:

“You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends”

It means exactly what it says. You are born into your family you cannot choose them, whether you like it or not. Your friends however, you can choose. At Christmas time, a time in Europe at least of family, friends and fun, the meaning of this saying is brought home. I heard a comedian say the other day, “Christmas is a time where you family gets together and reaffirms why they do not speak the rest of the year”.

The thing is, yes you cannot choose your family, but neither is it a complete self choice over who is our friend. What do I mean? By moving about a lot (I’m currently looking out of the back window of my cottage in Cwm Penmachno, looking at the rain clad hills!) you quickly realise that unless you connect with people, then life will be very lonely indeed. Unlike the UK, sometimes community is small and there well isn’t as much choice on the friend market. In some ways, you have to get on! So yes you can choose your friends, but be too fussy and you will end up with no-one. In the large cities that many live in, that is a luxury that most people can afford, elsewhere however, you simply cannot.

I’m very fortunate to count lots of people my friends, some of you reading this, farmers, villagers and many more. My life is no doubt richer for them, for you.

I’m about to go off for a new year break with a lot of friends. Yes it’s loud, yes there are too many kids and many things are not as I would do them. However, none of that matters, it is the being there, with those people that counts.

Friendship you see, is not about you, it is about them.

Value your friends like the crown jewels and see whom God brings your way to be your friend, irrespective of your choice.

That way your friends, become your family.


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