Welcome to the new look The site has changed to give it a fresh new look. That isn’t all that will be changing though. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with my blog. I want it to be the place where I can write my thoughts and hard learnt lessons, sharing them with you, the reader.

Lots of people ask me where they can find out some of the day to day news of what Dignity is doing in Zambia. Well, now there’s a place for you to find out. We’ve started an online news magazine for Dignity in Southern Africa. It’s called, Kerygma.

Why not take some time to take a look and sign up for regular updates.

If you want to know what the latest is with Life! Groups, Impact Teams, Love Your Village and some pioneering rural ministry, check out the regular updates at Kerygma. You can use the information to share with others on Twitter, Facebook. You can also get involved and pray for the work. We really need you to do so.


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