All go at Nsobe

Jude and I sent some time at Nsobe Game Camp last week. It wasn’t all relaxing and sun, oh no, we actually did some work (although it was half term with the kids as well). We had been speaking to Mark And Fiona Thomlinson, who own Nsobe and the adjoining commercial farm Miengwe. Mark and Fiona have involved the community in various ventures and with some success. However, between people who are poor, jealousy, working together and rivalry can be a problem.

Jude and I had talked amongst other things about Dignity’s Life! group and Love Your Village approaches. These approaches seek to bring churches and the community together to learn more about their faith and the responsibility they have for the community. Unity, ideas and action are a powerful combination.

Even though the work of Mark, Fiona, the Copper King Development Trust (the trust they have started) and Dignity is different there exists a synergy between them. We believe people working together in the power of God in their village is a valuable step for people to not only find life forever, but also to find a way out of poverty in the here and now.

What has been really encouraging for Jude and I is that others are recognising what we are trying to do and have invited us along to input into their situation. A group has started meeting in the area this week and we will be following up at the beginning of August running some training for the resource and approach of Love Your Village. Here’s praying and hoping things move forward in that area.

If you don’t know what Love Your Village is about, or indeed Dignity, check out the respective websites.



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