Looking Forward

I realised the other day I hadn’t updated my blog for a few weeks. Whilst I have been in the UK, all of my usual routines have been up in the air, so Happy New Year! 🙂

A few days ago I had to write an article in 20 minutes for a newsletter. To kick start us off, I thought I’d reproduce it here. (and it’s easier………….)

I was speaking to a good friend the other day and something he said made me stop in my tracks. He had calculated the number of people that we could conservatively say had been affected by the work of Dignity, he came to 14000 people. I was staggered.

3 years ago we set a course of attempting to transform the rural areas of Africa with nothing but the Christian message of the Gospel and the efforts of those who join the cause both at home and abroad. We began to believe that those in rural Africa, were those through whom God could do amazing things.

3 years on and many experiences later we see that our direction is right. The Life! Initiative  has grown tremendously, some 2 – 3000 people are part of groups that seek to learn more about jesus and to transform their community. It is true to say that our work will not only last for eternity, but that it makes a change in the hear and now. Take the villager who took in orphans, another who realised that she could work with others or the group that help the elderly. As they have grown in Jesus, so has their impact on their community.

During 2010, we have run conferences, spent time in villages, prayed with people, laughed with people and faced more challenges than sometimes we feel is our fair share. However, one important fact remains, we have done what God asked of us, and we have seen the result of that in villagers taking hold of their own destiny, transforming their own lives and their neighbors lives as part of the deal. This work has begun to become a movement with villagers passing on the work and life to others, who in turn begin their own work. That is very exciting.

For 2011, we will keep on working, praying and traveling so that this movement of God’s Kingdom will grow and grow. Let us come together with our brothers and sisters in Africa, to make something happen that will change the course of thousands of lives. Join us, “Dignity”, the movement that stands for transformation in Rural Africa.




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