The Problem with My Prius

Toyota Prius

Now this be a simple bit of piggybacking on the latest news, but maybe, just maybe there is a lesson in the current ‘Toyota’ fiasco for all of us. The last two weeks have seen a bit of a hullabaloo over one or two minor faults with some of toyota’s cars. Normally I wouldn’t be interested as most of this is a media storm. However, I own a Toyota Prius, and was going to sell it before we move to Africa later this year.

That ‘timing’ in some ways is really quite funny. I’d been looking forward to getting a bumper pay cheque for my car… they are not cheap. This would give us some money to do this and then to do that. So the week I’m considering this, the manufacturer temporarily implodes. 🙂 What rotten luck…..

We can put our faith in many things, and one of the most normal things in the world is to trust our own ability to provide and work out a given situation. In a way, that is exemplified by me looking forward to getting the money from selling the car. I was pleased that with our impending move, we’d have plenty of money coming in and everything would be ok. Who wouldn’t be pleased? the central question is where is my trust?

The media has also gone into overdrive and maybe we can learn a lesson from this. We understand our world from the information that we receive about it. Have Toyota’s suddenly become bad cars, well probably not. Honda just issued a recall themselves, other manufacturers do it as a matter of routine. However, the media have hyped it so much that we suddenly believe everything has gone wrong. Our view of the world can be similarly mis-informed. The messages we constantly face from our society are accumulate more, anything goes etc. etc. This over time can have an effect upon us. We believe something that is not true. 

Those two questions of where do I put my trust and what am I believing are actually linked. If our trust is in money, if we believe that money makes the world go around, then we will also be very distressed if money is not coming in, if we are not attaining that level of material success. I for one, am really trying to believe that faith in God makes this world go around. Then to do anything in this world is simply a case of trusting Him.

So as a couple of grand is wiped off the value of my Prius, I’ll smile 🙂 Jude when I occasionally get worried about fiscal events and cash flow, sas Jon, “it’s only money”….


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