The Pope speaks out…

Pope Benedict XVISo Pope Ratzinger speaks out against the proposed equality laws in the United Kingdom, and in the same day i return to blogging. A coincidence, move of God, we may never know…

However, it does give me a subject for this blog post, namely the popes comments about the freedom of religion in the United Kingdom. If you want to look what all the fuss is about look here.

Well well well, in my opinion these incidents are only going to become far more common.

Why is that? If you are a secularist or a humanist, religion is pushed to the private sphere of life and becomes inconsequential. That shift, means that a value judgement is made about religious belief, ie. it becomes something that really isn’t publicly very important at all.

That is why the following quote makes sense to those who are not religious

Jonathan Finney, from gay rights group Stonewall, told BBC Radio 5 live: “People should not be denied access to services and employment purely because they are gay.

The fact of the matter, is that it very much depends how you are looking at this. If a religious organisation doesn’t think homosexuality is correct moral behaviour, are they not entitled to believe it? Does this debate not impinge on their rights and equality for them.

Again, secular society would say no, but that can only be correct if the opinion of secular society weighs more heavily than that of a religious institution. Unfortunately in the UK at the moment, that seems to be the case.

The argument is logically and practically, nonsense. That will not stop the pope from being battered for this though and this subject will come up again and again.

Religion is not purely a private matter. I lead a charity, Dignity that makes it a public matter, by helping those who know God to practically transform situations around them in rural Africa. In the UK, the leading provider of youth services is the church. Those who think Christian Faith is inconsequential should maybe start paying for the services and sacrifice that society receives. Then we would see just how on the margins the church truly is.

True Equality in society means dialogue and understanding, not wittling things down to the lowest common denominator. It means that foes can come together, those who disagree can live together in harmony. It may surprise people to hear that not everyone in the church agrees on many things, but we live, love God and work together anyway. Maybe just maybe that’s a much better model for our society.

By the way, I think those who are homosexual are always welcome in the Church…… so if you think I’m having a bash, grow up and read my post again.

Good on the pope for having the guts to speak out.


One thought on “The Pope speaks out…

  1. Good post Jon. It’s helpful to know how the secular world sees things.

    From the conversations I have, I find for many secularists, the private / public division is where it counts. For them, secularism is neutral so everything in the public sphere should be open to everyone. At that level any publicly religious activity is an anathama – by definition it excludes part of society and so it is no longer fully public.

    Moreover, people are religious by choice; whereas (e.g) a person’s sexuality isn’t.

    There’s no ultimate reason however why a looser definition of secularism can’t coexist with the church, and ironically being as public as possible is the best way to show it.

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