Into the Hospital

Well here I am sat in the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka. I left Mkushi at 5am this morning to get here so I’m a little tired at the moment.

There are corridors filled full of miserable looking people. That is to be expected I suppose. After all I am in a hospital. What I wasn’t prepared for is how much it looks like a prison. Nearly every door and window is barred, to protect from thieves no doubt. It hardly gives you a serene relaxed feeling.

So what am I doing here you may ask? Well it all comes from Jude looking at my back some 2 days after we got here. She notices that one of my moles seemed to have changed colour a little. Thus I needed to get it checked out. No alarm bells for the moment. Just a check up. The question is how to arrange that in a country tba you do not fully know. It’s always when things go wrong that you really feel that you don’t belong in a place.

So here I am to Dr yassa. Goodness knows how long I will be waiting. Maybe forever this is africa after all. As I’m writing this here are now slightly less miserable looking people in the corridor. So I guess things are moving inthe right direction.

Getting to the hospital itself was a bit of a Zambian adventure. Lots of different entrances no signs. At the moment my car is dumped in the road outside. So I hope that they don’t tow away cars in Zambia. Otherwise mine is a gonna.

On a serious note though I hope that everything Is ok. It’s strange to be doingthings that are not directly mission related here, more normal life related. I’ve found that on the lasT couple of trips. It is like a normal life developing here to some extent. In a lot of places I feel at home. Strange and a very new feeling.

Anyway Dr Yassa is now ready for me so I had better go.


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