A Little bit of Bravery Required

First of all I have been rubbish at updating my site recently – sorry! I feel like I have been running around with my hair on fire, and everything in between….. Believe me, normal service will be resumed.

At the moment a little bit of bravery is needed. For those of you who don’t know, Jude and I (and the kids..) are off to Zambia to plant part of the the Life! Initiative which is Dignity’s work in rural Africa. (www.dignityonline.org.uk/life)

To be honest I am feeling far more strained about it than last year. The situation is the same, no accommodation yet, no firm contacts as of yet, in fact not much. However I know it is the right thing and all of that. Ther thing is that unlike last year I know a little of what is in store and to be honest I’m finding it scary…

Added to that is my property renovation in Wales and some very patient builders….. my brother being run out of his house by some drug crazed nutters…. etc. etc. It all seems like it is closing in.

The way of faith and doing things can sometimes be easy, usually when I’ve exhausted everything I can do and REALLY pray. However at the moment I’m finding myself a little anxious and a bit stressed.

Maybe a little bit of faith and more than a little it of bravery is called for.


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