Sitting Down, Smiling, Encouraging You along.

So what has happened in the last week that is worth y to write about on my venerable blog…. let me see…. I think the one thing that has happened and stood out over the last week is prayer. Now, I’m not going to wow you with any huge prayer meetings, we did have one, but there was 6 of us. Not bad, over 100o invited, we got 6, hmmmmm. If I’m honest I was a little discouraged by that, but thought let’s pray on anyway. The thing is, God has begun to answer some of those prayers. The last few weeks I’ve just been doing too much all at the same time, and I was beginning to feel jaded. Since the prayer meeting that we had, I feel a lot more energy and less pressure. That’s a God thing. If 60 had turned up, you would be feeling the effects of that meeting too!

You start to see the hand of God moving in email and communication. A cheque from churches that we have never spoken to, or how about someone’s friend of a friend of a friend emailing some churches in our target area and introducing us…. God works in ways that I am continually amazed at. We have this process in our minds, a way we think it should be done and God so often turns it on it’s head and makes it work His way at His time. He’s like a silent fixer at work as you bumble your way along. To live a life of faith is to get used to this, trust God and to see him working in the shadows of people’s lives.

Life is following that leading, following the way God is doing things and all of that begins with prayer.

I’m convinced that when we seek out the poor, and that is what I am trying to do, you find God already there, already working. He’s sitting down, smiling, encouraging you to join in and be part of it. I must admit I don’t understand the relationship between God’s work and our prayer, apart from if we don’t do it, things don’t happen and we are defeated. To pray is to see the way forward and to experience it happening.

This afternoon I sat down with my wife Jude, who is very wonderful (I told her i would tell the whole world!) and we planned how we thought out journey into Africa this year would look. It’s exciting, more than a little daunting. I’ve just spent £3000 that I technically don’t have on flights and my mind is full of plans and schemes to see the work of God happen.

That picture of God sitting down with the poor, and smiling with them is a compelling one isn’t it? Why don;t you join the party? Pray, Get involved, maybe you too will be sat beside God, smiling too.



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