An Eternity to Get to Wales

I’ve been running about like a nutter trying to restore an old cottage that I have purchased in north Wales. I don’t mind doing practical work and I find it kind of distracting from ‘ministry’ and stuff. Take last monday when in high winds and driving rain I decided to put up a satellite dish. It takes adjustments of millimetres whilst being perched precariously on a ladder……. maybe not a good idea!

I was off to Wales again last night with a friend who is doing some work for me. My friend is a really nice guy and definitely not a Christian, not that he is against it, he’s just never had the opportunity to think about it. I must say I really enjoyed the journey, we talked about man things, business, football, the occasional jibe at women 🙂 (sorry!) and more. With him being a Man Utd fan and me being an Everton fan, given Everton’s recent triumph there was always going to be some mileage in some taking the michael!

The thing is, sooner or later, if you are open, maybe if you have prayed, discussion always come around to God. Why do I live my life the way I do? Why take risks? What is it all about anyway? There are lots of people who think men are not interested in God. That is sheer rubbish, everyone is interested in God, they just express it in different ways. Apparently, Sorted! ran a survey of men about Church and what they thought was important. I only heard the results on the radio, but apprarently men wanted less of the touchy feely Christian stuff and more of the ‘man’ stuff. i couldn’t agree more. I will admit to being a bit, ‘femaled’ out in Church sometimes….. who’s for a hug then?

Following God is the most exciting, interesting, inspiring thing I do. It is also the most manly and heroic thing I would ever actually achieve. To serve God takes courage, strength, determination and loyalty. Why on earth would I want to hide that? Why on earth would i be ashamed of that? The thing is, so many of us are, maybe because we haven’t found everything we were looking for? Maybe, we haven’t given all that we have in finding it.

I love being with people, I love listening to their stories and I love to help them. I especially love it in those moments when heaven truth comes and through me touches someone in normal conversation in a normal place, talking about the real things in life. When the truth stirs in the real problems of our everyday lives, then it is heaven touching earth and I love it. Many people are confused and don;t know where to run in life.  Sometimes I’m just as confused but I know where to run!

So, an eternity to get to Wales? Nah!, it only took me 4 hours to get to Wales and back, but maybe just maybe it was eternity all the way.

Pray for my friend…


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