Dig In Your Heels

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately – sorry for that! The combined efforts of being away on holiday and having a small child in hospital thwarted me from writing much.

So what has been going on in the world The Witt (a homage to you Paul!)?. A lot of soul searching, thinking and girding myself for what lies ahead. I had a great time in Scotland, really good and the break was indeed well needed. I simply need on a regular basis to get my head in order.

To make a difference in this world you have to lay claim to it before it exists. You have to see a possibility to go there in the first place. Nearly all of my work is like that and it is a mixture of exciting thoughts and hard work, mixed with a heady dose of faith and belief that God will actually come through. Sometimes that takes one trait, a very simple one. Some people call it patience, some stubbornness, some just pig-headedness – but it can be summed up by digging your heels in and refusing to give up on the dreams and visions you have for the future.

Now those who come here often will know that I’m a Christian, and I so believe that evil in so many ways has laid siege to this world. It’s unrealistic to assume that evil will simply melt away, I do believe that in turn it must be laid siege to and ultimately defeated. Anything good that you believe you can do, lays siege and is a threat to the future of evil in our world. A threat to the devil himself if you like. Is it no surprise if his forces, blocks and hold upon situations does not simply melt away?

We have to dig our heels in and fight. We need to keep going when it seems unrewarding. We need to keep going when it’s financially difficult. We need to keep going when it feels like we are wading through deep water.

Eventually a time will come when you see a glimmer of change, a glimmer of the victory that you are fighting for. It is then that you feel the wind of the Spirit at your back, it is then where the passion and desire rises up in you. However in the dark of indecision, of lack of progress and confusion, you need to be unbreakable, immovable and sure, like the God that we serve.

That is a decision. A decision that you will not be moved.

Dig your heels in


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