Probably the Best Cup of Tea in the World…

Those of you who know me, will know I have a certain illicit weakness for the brown stuff. That being tea of course. I love it and probably here in Livingstone is the best place in the world for tea. Lazing by the Zambezi with a cuppa is one of life’s pleasures for me. After a 10 hr driving brace to get here, it seemed all I deserved.

Our trip is nearly at an end, tomorrow we head to Lusaka and then the day after home. God promises us various things in his word, namely that we will be guided by him. Yesterday my friend Rammy was laughing at me, as we had got stuck in Mkushi. You see this had a bit of a story behing it. Prior to our trip, I had rung Paul (my travelling companion) up and discussed whether we should head far north to Nchelenge or stick at Mkushi. We decided Nchelenge and ended up getting stuck at Mkushi. Strange….. I do believe God guides us in very strange ways. The net result if our 2 days there is that we at least feel comfortable with trying to set up Life! in that region, where maybe we would not have been before……

Now getting back to tea, when I drink it, it is like the world stops. I love sitting down and watching the world go by. Yet it is at these times that I feel closer to God, when I stop rushing around and I’m just quiet. It is then that the wind of the Spirit can gently blow through my consciousness, bringing to mind the word, God’s promises and his direction for my life. So, if you are struggling to hear God, get the kettle on, and as I say, get a brew on.

Every day on this trip, God has done something. Spoken to us, worked through us, guided us and inspired us. The thing is we are no – one special, the Lord speaks and guides those who will listen to him.

For now, I’m off to bed, but take some time to listen to the words God has for you, they are life itself. Go on then, get the kettle on…


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