Stuck in the Bush…God works On…

Well, here I am writing to you from Mkushi, right up near the Congo border in Zambia. We arrived here yesterday and should have been quickly speeding through. However, an oil seal and our gear box had other ideas.

So, we ended up at the Garage of no return. A veritable graveyard of vehicles and staffed by men where I am not totally sure of their ability. Basically it is proving impossible for us to meet our original target of progressing to North Eastern Zambia, we need to return my car to the capital. To progress invites the very real possibility of a complete break down, that could strand us for days on end. That really is no exaggeration.

Anyhow, God has his ways and we have ours. At times like these I always must try and remember that. We are often so committed to rushing around, however, he is able to further his plans without our rushing. Today as such, we are trying to see the local chairman of pastors to see what is going on here in Mkushi. At the same time we had a great prayer time and discussion about what the way forward was later in the year in places like Nchelenge (which is where we were headed to!). God is adding people to the work like Cornelius, who is next to me using the internet. Things will be OK, and God will plant his work.

So after feeling pretty frustrated yesterday, today I have regained some composure and perspective. Sometimes you need to be still to hear the Lord.

The next few days, we have a few meetings and believe it or not some downtime.

Anyhow, we will write more soon.


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