A Great Encouragement

Finally I’ve found an internet cafe where i can update my blog a little. We’ve spent the last few days campnig in the bush with a load of cvillagers and pastors who form part of the Life! Initiative.

There was always a small part of me that was thinking, “I hope everything is OK and that the work is continuing”. However, it seems to be well and there is evidence that the villagers themselves are starting to make decisions for themselves and grow not only in their relationship with God, but also with the wider community.

A couple of stories illustarte this to me. Regina, the wife of Casper, who is a Life! team leader, has suddenly come alive in her faith. So much so, everyone was joking that we should overtake Casper and do more than him! The key to this, knowing the Bible for herself, memorising it and haveing it explained to her in a way that made sense.

ANother story of the man who was curious when coming across a group meeting in the village. He was cycling and needed to pump up his tyre. Joel the leader of the group leapt to his aid and began to help him. Before long the man had joined the group and is now in fact a leader….

Or take Kamwala a villager who has decided that as well as studying the Bible his group should collect up the sick and assist them to go to a clinic. They are also going to re-roof houses of those who cannot do do.

It’s happening, attitudes are beginning to change and people are beginning to know Jesus and express his love. To be honest I’m really humbled… Praise God for this!

Anyway, after spending 4 nights in the bush, driving around on muddy wet flooded roads and meeting many people, Paul, I and Cornelius are more than a little tired.
I am personally bouyed by seeing some of the work God has done through me, spread to others and something tha is beyond me beginning to grow.

Pray for this…. Jon


One thought on “A Great Encouragement

  1. Great to hear the good news stories. Praying for you. ‘He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it in the day of Christ’

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