Night before the Storm

I always feel the same before I go away – I suppose one word would sum it up – trepadation. As you may have guessed I’m going away – tomorrow in fact, I go with my good friend Paul Nattrass to Zambia for a 10 day trip. Despite all of that – I always feel sad putting the kids to bed, and saying goodbye to Jude – although that is nothing compared to the elation I feel when I come home. Always a happy moment. I can remember every time I have met Jude and the kids after bring away – the smiles and joy stay with me forever.

Now 10 days is not very long at all but in that time we hope to investigate futher what god has for the work of Life! in the next year or so.

I don’t have time to write much – I will write more on the road, just that please pray for us, and those of you that know Jude, pick up the phone and give her a call or drop in on her. That would be a great help both to her and to me!

Over the next 10 days I know we’ll see God do some great things, and I look forward to writing about them here.

The night before the storm indeed… 🙂


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