God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

Now and again, things happen in my everyday life to jar me out of my normal day to day routine. Events that focus my mind and my heart to the reality of this life and this world.

First published in 1833 and dating back to the 16th Century, the hymn, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” contains the following words about the meaning of Christmas.

God rest ye Merry Gentleman

Let Nothing You Dismay

Remember Christ Our Saviour

Was Born on Christmas Day

To Save us All from Satan’s Power

When we were gone astray

O Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy

Oh Tidings of Comfort and Joy

So simple, but every time I sing this carol, I find myself fighting back the emotions and feel focused on what my life is really about. This is a carol of great hope, telling us to remember Christ and his victory over Satan. To remember that fact, brings us comfort and joy.

This world is at war. The human race ensnared by the power of the enemy, poverty, disease, un-forgiveness, lust, alcoholism etc. etc. the list goes on. Christ died to save us when we had (and still do) go astray.

Christmas is perhaps one of the most lost, but one of the most powerful messages there is. God himself cares. God himself has the power to save us.

Christians are called to participate within this. That’s why this carol does me in! It stirs something in the base of my being, something planted deep within me by God, that my identity is found in this. I myself am saved, and my job is to save other people. With Christ, to liberate people from Satan’s power.

Are you looking for meaning? Are you looking for direction? Are you looking to be set free? Remember Christ this Christmas.

Maybe like me you will find yourself, caught being stirred and moved towards a life that is in service of the highest calling there can be.


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