The Amazing Normality of It All

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I posted on here. Sorry about that, I kind of got out of the habit 🙂

So I’m back. Well what’s been going on I here you say. The quick answer to that is simple normality. Life has indeed for a while returned to normal. I must confess that I find that difficult sometimes, personally I seem to revel in the challenges that we see to so willingly embrace. To be realistic though, we all need normal life.

The last few weeks have been a ‘top-drawer’ experience of taking kids to school, moving back into our house, cooking dinner and doing everything that everyone else does. I must confess that it feels good 🙂 Now that doesn’t mean we’ve shelved all of our challenging plans, it simply means that for now I’m enjoying the normal life.

We seem to have this opinion that God only works in extra-ordinary ways. I don’t think that is particularly the case. There is hope for all of us, God works through the normal times of our life. Or to put it another way. You don’t need to be travelling, healing people, and driving out demons to be used by God. It can happen every day!

The last few months has undoubtedly made our family closer. I’m very grateful for that. We ‘get on’ better and I huess have more fun together. My greatest concern has always been, what will all of these choices that Jude and I make mean for our children. Part of the answer is that God will work in their lives as well. Ethan is now back at school, Joshua back at playgroup and yet they seem happy and very well adjusted. However, their experience of what the Lord can do and what the Lord is like far surpasses many adult Christians that I know…

Yes, I’m still speaking at churches (you can invite me you know!), recruiting people and trying to guide the work of Dignity, in other words doing all of the normal stuff. It is all so so necessary…. even if I sometimes find that kind of stuff boring.

Nest time you’re at work and feel like you want Friday to come even quicker. Remember, God can work through the normal things, right where you are. And he often does….


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