We’re Home

The rain is hammering the nice new double glazed windows at my in – laws house near Upton Upon Severn. If truth be told, I’m knackered, got into here at 11 pm last night after flying from Zambia. This morning saw me speaking at Malvern Evangelical Church, which I didn’t fully know about until I got there – thought I was just sharing for 5 miniutes…. oh well, it was good sermon apparently 🙂 I found the email about it later on, on facebook….

4 days ago I sat down with Cornelius from Luapula (some 15 hrs from Chingola) and the rest of the leaders who are part of the Life! Initiative. The atmosphere was charged as it was our last meeting. Emotions were strained as everyone was genuinely upset ot be parting. The Spirit has genuinely worked to unite and knit us togteher. Cornelius would later describe the atmosphere as angelic. The fact remained, here I was sat with 6 ‘villagers’ and yet we were partners in the future and in what the Lord is doing.

Ranger, dabbed tears from his eyes as the emotion became too much. Each hug goodbye was long and lingering. For me it felt slightly uncomfortable embracing another man closely 🙂 That’s the culture here, no innuendo or meaning, simply people like to be close. They are all truly borthers of mine. In any case it is not the last time we will meet.

I feel nervous, like maybe a father that has left the children for the first time. I hop eand pray that they will be OK, that things will grow. In fact I have been nervous for the last couple of weeks…knowing that the moment will come. However, it is God who will guide them not me. I look forward to the things that will happen in the future.

Anyway, I’m tired so I am not going to say much. We’re back at the home in the UK, everyone is OK and we’ll be back in Manchester next week sometime.


One thought on “We’re Home

  1. Welcome home Jon. As I read your blogs I feel the heartbeat of God in your words. Jesus said that he chose us to bear fruit that will last. I’m absolutely confident that in your case the sell by date is eternity!

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