Another World

The noise of the crickets at night is sometimes overwhelming. Constant, rhythmic and sometimes piercing. It is always there, like breathing. The sky is constantly lit like a great canopy by distant bolts of lightning. Here I am, in the bush, holding a conference with 40 or 50 villagers.

This is a world set apart from my own. It is a world in some ways that is better than my own. The main Chingola to Solwezi road runs past my tent about 20m away, I am some ways am at a junction between my world and the world of the villagers. It is night now and trucks thunder by lighting up a little section of their world, but I can watch from the blackness that is night in Africa. The world they see is not the world that I am in at the moment. It is almost like I’ve stepped out of normality to spend some time with those that most of us overlook.

There is a cluster of children that have gathered as our being here is big news. In fact as I write this 2 or 3 of them are looking over my shoulder in some state of semi wonder, looking at my Macbook. I don’t know what they think of it. Maybe it is like a TV that I am tapping in front on the keyboard. They are eagerly pressing in, pushing their faces towards the screen, with little shouted shrieks of excitement. Curiously discussing and studying what they are seeing. This is indeed another world.

What is it to cross into another place? What is it to make a difference in that place. I made a bold claim this evening. I claimed that God could change their world, the very villages that my friends here inhabit. I was holding a candle as I spoke. At one point I blew it out and that is what poverty, hopelessness and indeed even the Devil would like to do to the people in this place. As I lit the candle again, everyone in the room could see what I was saying. It’s time for the flame to be lit again. It is time for that light to touch everyone.

If you pray, then pray with me that this will be the case. Pray with me that God himself will plant something special in the hearts and lives of these people. I myself cannot change anything, but He can.

If you are reading this, you are more likely part of my world, part of my existence, a place I will be returning to in just a few days time (although I would rather not return….). Be mindful of those who are in our world, but inhabit another world, the world of the poor, the world of the rural villages, where a great battle is being fought for their very souls… for their very lives. For me this is becoming serious. Very serious indeed…. enough to change my whole life for. This God of mine, is leading me to another place, another world.


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