It ended with my friend Rammy Singh,chuckling away at how I could have got away with yet another escapade. It began with a trip to Siavonga for the long bank holiday weekend. My vehicle had been overheating for a little while, losing water, having to top it up every couple of days. So we set off. We ended up basically blowing the head on the engine,that means an expensive repair to both you and me. Every 40km or so we had to stop and let the vehicle cool down. So a journey that should take 5 hours took 9 hours. Going to Lake Kariba and Siavonga was a distant memory. When Rammy looked at the head he was amazed the car was going at all…..

So stuck in Lusaka how could the situation get worse? Well,I then succumbed to the plague. Well OK some D & V. Pretty horrible if I say so myself. So from Thurs night to Sun Lunchtime, I spent far too much time in the Case de Banho…. So I’m ill, I’m a few days down,vehicle less and going home in 10 days, with a veritable mountain to climb. Well it’ll be OK, it always is here.

Saying that it’s monday and I’mstill stranded in the capital. Fortunately we do have a team (1 of whomis stuck here with me) so everything has not ground to a halt yet.It is just very frustrating….. for me. Sometimes God has a way of makingyou slow down:)

When I finally do get back it is going to be manic….get packed up….. get a conference in the bush to happen…. start the pastors off on a support raising scheme…. it’ll be busy but good.

The other up this weekend is that Everton we’re not beaten by the not so mighty Manchester Utd….



2 thoughts on “Stalled….

  1. Hi Jon I hope you and the family are ok I can’t believe its nearly time for you to come back. Your blog is absorbing. I have been praying for you. I have a friend who has just got back from visiting a micro finance charty in Zambia (Hodi?) and is all fired up to start a charity to fund raise here. Have suggested to her that you meet up when you guys are back. I would like to hook up with you and Judith when you are both back. God Bless.

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