The Little Things

Well it’s raining, in fact boy is it raining. A couple of weeks ago a photographer friend of mine visited me in Zambia, he has now retuned to the UK and yesterday was sat in a cosy cottage in Sheildaig nr Torridon in the Highlands of Scotland. He told me it was lashing it down with rain, how the sea was being caught up by the wind. I may not have sea, but I do have wind and rain. Someone up there listens to me 🙂 Two weeks ago, I felt like I would give my right arm for some rain, and here it is!

Strange, because most of you reading this are probably sick of rain 🙂 Shame, it’s hard to be in a hot country…. (no it really is…)

It’s funny how it is the small things that make a difference. Those of you that know me will know that I can be (on my best days) a big picture type person. I like grand schemes and plans and I like trying to make them happen. However, in the last week or so it is the little things that have counted.

Our friend, Casper, a pastor from the bush was in hospital. Now, I thought nothing of visiting him most days. Our team thought nothing of making sure he was OK. However, the ward could not believe that a bunch of mizungus (white people) would be humble, visit and take care of a bush pastor. They were so shocked that we ended up in the hospital ward earlier this week to share Jesus with them. We also prayed for everyone in the wards. A big opportunity came from something so small and seemingly insignificant.

Today I have spent some time in the bush with a family whose daughter is severely disabled. She has a cart with which she uses her hands to move herself around. It’s a little like a bike where you use your hands instead of your feet. I met her family in August when we were in the bush, the handle was broken a little and I did not have the parts to fix it. So it is now October and a little thought popped into my head. It basically said – sort it out! So off I went, found the parts and met some wonderful people who make the carts. Easily the friendliest missionaries I have ever met (some are a little strange you see). In fact look at their site

Anyway from that little action, maybe an avenue opens up to bless many more people. That’s the way it works!

Often we believe it is our schemes and our ways that make the difference. It really isn’t. I am beginning to see that if you keep doing the simple, little things, the Lord begins to make the difference in your everyday life. It’s been hard this week as things have been slow, perhaps the only time in our trip so far where things have slowed. Those of you that know Africa will know that is in itself, surprising. When things slow, you begin to get frustrated, wanting to push and strive to make something happen.

I’m not sure at all if that is God’s way. Sure it calls for sacrifice and hard work, but that is different from pushing a vision forward. We must remember it’s his vision, and his work, he has enough resources of his own to make it happen.

Must remember that in the next 4 weeks as the groups begin in the villages and things begin to happen.

Jude and the boys are fine as well for those that know me personally. Jacob is now a LOT bigger and beginning to walk little (cruising for the parent officionado’s amongst us).
So here we are in Africa, whilst it sounds like the whole world is going to rack and ruin. It really seems a million miles away from here.


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