It’s Getting Hot…

3 weeks ago in Botswana, it was 42 degrees. For a few days it was cooler up here in Chingola, Zambia, but not anymore. The temperature is rising….

Night after night, you lie awake, thinking of snow, ice, cool water in fact just anything cold. I thought of watching Alive! just to subliminally feed on the freezing images as a plane full of people try to survive.

Being out in the bush at this time of year, is very hot believe me. In Zimbabwe, October is called ‘Suicide Month’. No wonder! From about 12 till 3, this lethargy creeps over you. It says, take a siesta, and sometimes it really isn’t a bad idea to do so! How I wish I was spanish… 🙂

Even with the heat, the last couple of weeks have been busy. We’ve run a conference called Loving the Lost, where I think I got far too passionate at one point, but fortunately the love that out here. We’ve made plans to start Life! groups in the villages in the next week or so as well. Exciting!

This week has seen the visit of my friend Mark Burton (have a look at who is a photographer and very much an Englishman. He’s been running around the bush photographing people and interviewing them. He’s a great guy and has raised money for Dignity by publicising our work. It’s also good to have a friend about, who is just a friend and nothing else….

This week I’ve missed all you friends…. a lot. There always seems to come a time when you do. I think it was Monday when I had a day off after 6 BUSY DAYS… I thought what shall I do now..??? What will my family do now?? Chingola is hardly the most happening place in the world…. everywhere else is miles of driving away. I  must admit I was bored…. properly bored and felt quite out of place. For a while anyway. A friend of mine Paul rang, that just made it worse (even though it wad great to speak to him! Honest! 🙂 )

The heat really does dictate everything. When people meet, what they do. Tonight I even gave up standing in the cash machine queue because it was hot….

Next time you are in rainy England, with your moderate temperatures…. remember us poor missionaries, boiling to death in the tropics….. 🙂 That’s probably why everything here is slow, the walking, the talking and the pace of life.

That’s why I’m so encouraged that everything is moving ahead with Life! and our work here.

If you are going to pray, pray a truck load of ice crashes into my flat in the middle of the night and bathes me in swathes of crushed ice – heaven!


One thought on “It’s Getting Hot…

  1. Hi Jon, Jude, children and team. Sounds like you guys might have a tan when you get home then! Well I’ve been reading some of the things on Jon’s website, really interesting when you think of what you guys will achieve and the lord always likes to do abundantly more than we can even think or imagine. Jude, talk about out of sight out of mind – I’ve not made contact until now but I have been praying for you all since you left. Wow!! I think what you guys are doing is absolutley amazing!! I pray everything continues to go well and look forward to seeing you all on your return. ‘May the lord bless and keep you; the lord make his face shine upon you; and be gracious to you; the lord turn his face towards you and give you peace’
    God Bless,

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