Tired, Dirty and Hungry

That’s often how you feel doing this work. Take last weekend for example. I’d driven up to a place called Lumwana. It’s a 4 hour drive from where I was, but I’d said to Barry a friend that I would go an speak so off I went.

So off Mark and I went into the bush. I must say it’s bushed me as I’d also spent the previous 2 weeks in the bush also. I went to bed on Saturday night with hands covered in diesel, stinking to high heaven and so so tired. The option next morning was to wash in some rapids with 40 people watching my every move… hmmmm. Perhaps another bad moment was when we came to light our gas stove deep in the bush, only to find it had run out of gas…. hmmmmm 🙂 It always happens at the same time. I can;t tell you that sinking feeling that I got. Although that wasn’t matched by the feeling I got when enquiring about crocs and the river and a local told me that they had made an agreement with the crocs in 1932, that they would not wat anyone….. I wasn’t reassured.

Writing this, I am actually completely knackered. It isn’t just physical travelling, it’s emotional load as well that tires me out. Dealing with people and issues can be exhausting.

Saying all that, some things in the last week have been fantastic. The beginnings of a ministry team to work in the bush has been created, we are praying together, working together. A fact I found out yesterday, was tht in one of the churches deep in the bush, someone had been praying and thought that God would send some white people to help them see a way they could work. This happened a few months ago, and it seems that it is beginning to take place. I am energised and know that this is out work, our shout.

Today itself has been interesting. Everything was shut, as it was the President’s funeral. One slightly amusing note was ringing a friend who whispered “I’m at the President’s Funeral” and then promptly hung up. Everywhere is closed, apart from the Protea Hotel that was doing a roaring trade in everything.

Yesterday for me was the highlight of the last 2 weeks. We’ve spent time with over 2000 villagers, camped in their place, listened to them, worshipped with them and shared life. However, listening to a group of pastors tell me the vision that I have been carrying in their own words and their own understanding was truly remarkable. We’ve hit the beginning of the race, now it’s time to make it happen. When I came out here, I didn’t know for sure if would make it, but it seems to be beginning. The Lord can truly do all things and blend all manner of people to make his will happen. Truly, Praise the Lord.

I’m sure that was how Jude felt when I got back home, after not really washing for 3 days, virtually having a beard, and possibly being the dirtiest white person in Zambia!

However, when things like that happen, it doesn’t matter if you are tired, dirty and hungry.


One thought on “Tired, Dirty and Hungry

  1. Isn’t it great to know that God is out there working ahead of you? For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Doesn’t mean that you don’t have to check the gas, though!

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