Under the Stars…

I spent a great deal of last week watching films. Well, one film to be perfectly honest. The Jesus Film. Out in the bush, every night we’d set up a mobile cinema and show the film to the waiting crowds, well from as little as 30 to as many as 300. If I had not done it many times before it would be quite a surreal experience.

Living out in the bush, is a dirty business. Red dust gets everywhere, you can even encounter poisonous spiders inside your tent.. as Andy from the team did. The kids were well, they looked like victorian chimney sweeps for most of the week. ANd do you know what? None of that matters, because here is a vast field of need and a mission that needs to be accomplished. Every night we have seen people respond, head men of villages have commented that the afternoon gatherings have seen people understand some simple truths, perhaps for the first time. You know, people are not stupid in the bush, it’s just that no-one bothers to teach them.

For me in the last 10 days there has been open door after open door and confirmation after confirmation. Last week in a village area called Ipafu we gathered a small group together. They came from different churches, and we used some of the material that has been identified. It worked, the people understood, we prayed for the village and there was such a peace upon the place.

I’m not pretending that everything is going to be easy, but we are further in 3 weeks than we hoped to be after 8 weeks. I’m happy about that.

I spent a couple of days hanging back a bit and watching. I watched Mark as he stepped up to the plate and spoke on prayer day after day. I watched Andy as he got stuck in when the film projector didn’t work, and Ruth as we talked with a group of Anglican clergy about our forthcoming conference. In all of this I know that this is the right direction and well at some point it will work.

Out in the bush you can see the milky way, our galaxy very clearly. Millions of stars all in focus. I spent a lot of time explaining to Ethan that in some ways you are watching the past when looking at the sky, because of the amount of time that light takes to travel to the Earth. In the same way, spending time here, has been like watching the future. For a while now, I’ve felt like I’ve been in the wrong place, funnily enough, even though I am away from what I call home, I don’t have that same feeling here. Maybe I’m beginning to understand the future and actually see practical examples of it here in front of me. Deep…. maybe but kinda exciting in a challenging way!

I’m most at home when I’m teaching about Jesus and helping people and I’m praying that the Lord opens more and more doors whilst I am here to do it, both now and in the future.

Under the stars, entwined with the lives of many people, not only am I beginning to see who I really am, I am beginning to see who they really are, and the mission that I am called to.

Next week, more of the same but in a different area.


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