An Electrifying Moment

My sink is alive! Alive with electric current. You fill the sink with water and pow! one electric shock is on the way. Just to make sure, I actually out my other hand in and then things we’re really cookin! Sometimes Zambia seems normal, sometimes not. Like electrical sinks, there are many things that are different here.

That believe it or not is the subject for this blog post. Just how different things are here. It’s only when you’ve been static for 3 weeks or so that you begin to notice them.

Take fines for example. You can talk your way out of anything, well I can anyway. Andy on the way north, overtook a car where he shouldn’t have done and got gripped by the police. Fortunately I got there before he proclaimed his guilt and managed to get him out of it. Things are subtle here, so when the officer said go, andy didn’t realise and thought I’d just walked away from him. This caused some confusion with Andy caught in a no mans land between my certainty and his non-realisation. 🙂

This is a part of the world where people will lie to keep you happy. Steal from you and think it’s OK. It’s a part of the world where life is cheap, the stars magnificent and the vastness of the terrain intimidating. It is very different.

I’m also just realising how hard to plant a ministry is going to be. Yes it can be done, but the cultural pitfalls and stresses to avoid are huge. However the need is huge as well. I thought today that just our presence here, puts the ministry on the agenda. If we were not here, it would not be. Simple as that.

I guess I’ve also spent some time reflecting on what I feel God has said to me. It is only a stupid man that does not challenge his own thinking. I’ve been in that stage of doubting myself and my thoughts an yet seeing no other way of making anything happen in this part of the world. Well, no other way that I am happy with.

Tomorrow we begin in earnest. Please pray for us as we begin to tackle in prayer and through action some of the barriers between us and a movement that effects the hearts and situations of rural people in this country.


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