9 Days

Well it’s 9 days since I left home and I’m sat here in our sparsely furnished flat typing this blog post. My desk is a big piece of wood supported by 3 bar stools. My sofa is two foam mattresses propped against one another. And do you know? It doesn’t matter a jot! In fact, I think we’re quite comfortable. Must make a note to myself to sling my mattress as soon as I get home – it is soooo uncomfortable.

Today has been spent ‘skav-ing’ furniture off many different people. When you rent a flat out here they come completely empty, even the light bulbs 🙂 So, we now have some. Although we still need to grab some chairs from somewhere. Now I hesitate to say this, but everything has an ordered feel about it – the flats turned up, the furniture turned up, the vehicles have been sorted. All this, with the help of some lovely people and minimal effort from myself. There’s a feeling of following a highway that has been prepared.

Now that’s a good job, as some of the re-adjusting going on is quite fantastic. In 11 days, we’ve packed up, changed country, and have about 3 days to go before starting our project here. On your own that would be enough, with a family, at times it has been hard work! 🙂 It’s the little things you notice, like always having dirty feet! (ie. they always get dusty if you are wearing sandals…), ot the bigger things like Jude nearly being electrocuted this evening – well OK a big spark and she was thrown back a bit – nothing surprises me out here!

This evening, I chatted with Freda, a friend of mine from long ago. We chatted about the work we wanted to do, and the reasons for it. There was so much agreement, and this from a person who is so much more experienced than me at working in the bush. This is the opportunity that we needed. This is what God has called us to do. It would seem to me that God has placed before us a mountain, but a climbable one. At the moment I’m quite looking forward to the challenge.

Well I wrote that last night – now I do have a slight problem. One of the vehicle’s sellers doesn’t want to sell anymore – well there wife does, the husband does not – marital bliss eh? I’m sure it’ll get sorted – but if anyone feels like praying do so. We need 2 vehicles to actually get into the bush together….



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