The Next Stage

Well, I find myself back in my office in Manchester writing this. It’s always a funny feeling coming back home, and it is not a feeling I particularly like. The reality of children, school runs and the like bite back in pretty hard. Then you have the sense of picking up many strands of involvement back in your own country. That again can be quite difficult. To be honest, I like being ‘on the field’ so to speak, it is where I feel truly human.

Anyway, enough of that claptrap – as i find myself back home, I find myself contemplating the next stage, the next rungs in the ladder that we must climb to take things forward. Some of you will know that Jude and I are spending we hope 3 months in Zambia, to look at starting a new ministry in Zambia called “Life!”. Whilst excited about it, I am also personally very daunted. I spent Monday and Tuesday this week with my head in a spin, thinking of all the permutations that were in front of us.

A few months ago, the question was “What can we do?”, now the question has evolved to “How can we do it?”. To be honest, even if you know what must happen, the barriers can seem insurmountable. In all honestly, it scares me a little bit.

On the positive side though, I do have great hopes for what the Lord can do. Remember, it was only a week or so ago, that the Pastor in Sierra Leone was healed, or indeed God made a way with the beach boys. That seems so far away, but it is an encouragement to carry on plodding along. I prefer sprinting, but plodding seems to the way of it.

So Plod on…..

My Iranian friends have also had a baby. Very frail – born 5 weeks early. Please continue to pray for them and consider sponsoring them at

I’ll write more soon when I’m suitably inspired. 🙂


One thought on “The Next Stage

  1. Some of you will know that Jude and I are spending we hope 3 months in Zambia, to look at starting a new ministry in Zambia called “Life!”.

    Hi Jon.

    It is good to catch up with your blog. I hope your Zambia and other projects go well. I am almost ready to send my finalized PhD over to Wales. Future plans include attending the mandatory PhD defence, having my mandible bone moved forward for my serious sleep apnea problem, teaching at church, once I have more energy because of the surgery (# 3), and finding a job as a professor.

    Blogging is going pretty well, and I have been networking with Christians world-wide and dealing with some serious issues. There are many ministry opportunities both on and off-line.


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