– AN APPEAL – You NEED to Contribute

chains This is Important please read it carefully

In the last post I mentioned my friends who are Iranian and seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. I also mentioned doing my 1 thing a day that I felt God wanted me to do. Well today, this is it!  I feel so very burdened for their situation. They are expecting their first child in the next month and well, life is hard. I don’t know about how you see some asylum seekers, but I think we can subconsciously have a picture of people who are a waste of space who come to sponge. That is so wrong. Let me tell you a bit about them.

My friends owned a company and directed marketing in a large hotel. They had good jobs and definitely are not the kind of people that are lazy or work shy. They find themselves having come here to study and now cannot go home. Their company and assets were seized and on returning to Iran, they would have to face the gauntlet of a religious court and a possible death sentence. That, for simply converting to Christianity.

What do I want You to Do?

I want you firstly to pray for them. Pray that asylum is granted. Whilst you do this, also think of the many other people who are in a similar situation.

I also want you to consider giving them at least £5. With their newborn on the way and the little that they have, it will be a great gift of love to a dear brother and sister in Christ.  They may also be able to use the gift to help fund their legal representation. Being asylum seekers they will receive very meager representation from the UK government.

You can make the gift via the charity Dignity which I direct. We emphasise evangelism, discipleship and support amongst the disadvantaged and the poor of this world. I think you will agree, my new found friends fit squarely into this category.

Please click here to give to them and follow the instructions.




One thought on “– AN APPEAL – You NEED to Contribute

  1. Hi jon,

    Yuk. From what I’ve seen, the UK government doesn’t seem to think that a person’s faith is enough to warrant asylum. We wouldn’t even let Helen Berhane into the country after she’d been released from an Eritrean hell-hole where she’d been incarcerated for over 2 years in a metal shipping container for writing a… wait for it… fairly tame gospel tape.

    And she was a high-profile case.

    Who was their MP? Can we write to them?

    -cheers from julz @P

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