We Praise de Papa God

Well that’s how it sounds in Creole anyway. We Praise our Father God. I really do today because quite frankly I am very encouraged at what the Lord has done.

A couple of hours ago I found myself on a radio station here in Freetown with Sarah, having to talk about Psalm 1 on the fly. The station was originally set up during the war to encourage people to read the Bible and find meaning for their lives in it. (BTW – I’ve just moved inside my room because it is so hot that I’m sweating like a pig outside!). So there we were and Sarah and myself speaking to a city on a well listened to radio station about the Bible. So we sat there, listening to a Creole language (pigeon english) and responding as best we could. The room was surrounded by old curtains, no doubt for sound proofing and it was a weird feeling to think that people were listening live. I mean what if you fart really loudly or something, thousands of people would hear it! 🙂

We’d gone there with Joseph, who does some work for Alpha in the country and well I’m glad he invited us because it was a fantastic opportunity. There’s always something inside of me that wants to preach, to tell people to give their lives back to the Lord, maybe it’s the evangelist in me? I’m sure it is. Maybe it is a simple view of life but for me, knowing Him is the centre that any life needs.

This afternoon I got speaking to a young Muslim man called Mohammed (predictable I know). He’s a beach boy, in that he hangs around the beach trying to hawk a living from almost nothing. He’s such a nice guy. Sooner or later we got speaking about Jesus and what he meant to Him. My heart goes out to him, because there is no-one who can help him to grow, no church that seems bothered enough about people like him. If I had the people and the resources I’d set stuff up everywhere, but quite frankly I don’t and it annoys me. All I can, and all any of us can do is make sure that when our lives meet the lives of others, we do all we can to be Jesus to that person. There’s a photograph that I remember of Billy Graham, sat down at a table with a miner from Sheffield in the 1970’s. They are there talking, sharing about life and coming together. That photograph made such an impression of me because of its’ intimacy and feeling. It was obvious that Dr. Graham cared for that man in some way.

So that is what I have decided for Mohammed. I’m going to try and find him again on the beach and study the Bible with him, drag a local pastor along and try and make the whole thing work. And all of that, without peeing off our conference people as well…. I mean I’ll have to bunk of some of it to make it happen. Please pray for me in that, but especially pray for Mohammed and his cousin, who live in a flea ridden shop somewhere near Aberdeen beach in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

I must confess to a some time off today 🙂 I walked along the beach which is INCREDIBLY beautiful. I love the sea and can amble by it for hours on end. I find my mind wandering, considering, dreaming and all of the things that make our minds a wonderful creative place. I love to walk praying as well and to be honest, this afternoon I was feeling a little awe struck. It happens once in a while, but this time there was a reason.

This morning I was sat in Living Water Christian Fellowship, it was a very loud African Pentecostal Church. I wasn’t even fully in the mood. I was kind of going along with the dancing and clapping but my heart (well head) was a little tired. 🙂 So I’m sat there looking at the pastor and I’m thinking, She’s got bad eyes. A simple thought that wouldn’t go away and eats at your soul until it is shared. That is sometimes how God speaks. So later on after the service I have the opportunity to approach this lady pastor. I ask her, “Are your eyes OK? How is your eyesight?” – to which she replied there was a problem. Stinging eyes, headaches, blurred vision etc. etc. So she is amazed that I have asked her, so I then pray for her. Now you must understand out of all the things I pray for, I find healing the hardest personally. Demons, fine, compassion, fine, evangelism, fine but not healing – I do find it so very difficult. I often feel so presumptuous. So as I pray I’m a little hesitant. Then very simply she is healed. I mean, wow! I’ve prayed about this so many times, and finally I’m beginning to see my own faith rise and the incident of healing happening also beginning to rise. I mean, Praise God!

So I had a lot to think about on my walk up the beautiful beach. I guess I was thinking, and I also think the same as I write this post, that I can join with my brothers and sisters here and say, We Praise de Papa God!


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