The Great Joshua Hunt

Well, well, well. Saturday turned out to be an eventful day. It was all looking good – nice and relaxed, until Joshua (our middle son) went missing for an hour and a half. it all started when Jude and I told him off. He went off in a sulk. 20 minutes later, we hadn’t heard from him and well he’d disappeared…

I thought Jude was begin scatty so went to look myself. I looked everywhere, in wardrobes, everything. I couldn;t find him either, then Jude looked again. H e wasn’t anywhere.

We then thought that maybe he’d gone outside. So a quick scoot around the garden and then the local neighbourhood and nothing….

After 30 mins or so of looking we were beginning to get worried.

I went for a drive around Burnage and even talked to a group of Scallies, one of whom I am convinced nicked a drill form my garage. Nobody had seen him. In the meantime Jude had called the police. 2 offices turned up as I got back and also searched the house, Joshua was nowhere to be found. By this time the neighbours were gathering, so we sent them off in all different directions to look.

After 10 minutes or so of feeling useless, I thought I need to do something and went driving around talking to people again. At one point, I spotted a kid like Joshua in a stopped car. I slammed on the brakes, turned around and peered back into the car. It wasn’t him.

My emotions were in overdrive. It was going to get dark soon and I couldn’t stop thinking of Joshua hurt (or worse!) out in the dark. It was terrible. To be honest, I was fighting a little to stay rational. When I got back to my house it was like a scene out of a film. Police were every where as they moved their incident logistics into place. Lots of official serious looking people were discussing strategy and how they would handle two distressed parents.

We really needed to pray – although I had been praying almost constantly, I hadn’t sat down with Jude to pray.

I got through the officers to my house, found Jude and went into our front room, where I simply prayed as much as I knew how, about Joshua and the fact we needed to find him. We were getting very very worried.

At that moment, Joshua appeared from under 2 innocuous looking cushions, he could not have hid in a better place. He was a bit dazed because he had fallen asleep after hiding away. I couldn’t believe my eyes… he was OK, he was safe. He then thought he was in real trouble because there were so many police about – that’ll teach him a lesson! 🙂

So we went outside to the gathered masses and well it was all a slightly embarrassing anti-climax. I learnt afterwards that a helicopter was about to be scrambled to aid searching for him……

The police were great – so next time you see a police office do something nice for them and Thanks to them as well.

The problem is now I’ve got to face a barrage of ribbing for losing children as well as keys, cars, phone and the like….. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Great Joshua Hunt

  1. “as well as keys, cars, phone and the like…” you mean like $600 in a pram too? Numpty.

    And how did your kids ever learn how to go off in a sulk? Can’t imagine…

    Praying that you’ll have a fruitful time in Freetown.

  2. Now it’s over … its quite funny. But I understand how low you get and how the panic can set in, when things like this are so out of your control. Quite a skill, being able to hide away like that for so long … by the way … did you ask Ethan if he knew where his brother was?

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