hilbre Do you ever feel the need to get your head away from everything? I do, regularly. I’ve been accused by my wife of being one of those people who can never quite switch off. I’ve always got thoughts and ideas going through my mind. I mean just this evening I was outside in the dark about 10pm, measuring up a new building I want to put in my back garden – whatever happened to doing it in daylight?Sometimes that trait is quite a bonus, other times it is a pain in the neck and leads to stress 🙂

So Today was one of those days I got away from everything. Well not quite actually, as I am now here writing this blog entry. I went to Hilbre Island, which is a place from my youth, near to the Wirral. It is an idyllic little nature reserve some 2 miles out to sea off the coast of the Wirral. In fact have a look at the map:

Map image

Now maybe the map being here is more to do with me playing with maps than of any informative value!

Anyway, when the tide is out, you can walk over to it. It’s a whole world apart from my normal life. Quiet, serene, seal colonies, birds, beach, sea etc. etc. Very nice indeed!

Now if I am brutally honest, this week apart form today has been horrible. I remember reading Adrian Plass describing himself as a grumpy old man. In fact, in the early part of this week I would have put Victor Meldrew to shame. (For those of you who do not know – Victor Meldrew was a grumpy character from an english sitcom called One Foot In The Grave)

Why is that? I think it is the whole thing of space. I’m notoriously bad if I feel hemmed in, and yes with domestic life crowding in after recently being on mission, yes that feeling of space was quickly evaporating. So, I started with my Victor Impression. Jesus must have had lots of thoughts all of the time, I wonder if he was ever tempted to be grumpy? I wonder if he ever thought about who he was, the things he would do and then promptly hit is thumb a hammer? It’s diffiult to feel like a world beater Christian when you’re kids are screaming, your wife is being unreasonable (BTW Jude is never unreasonable, I think it’s probably me… :), and your spiritual life that particular day sucks.

Maybe that is why Jesus retreated so often to be with his Father. To get a bit of space, to have a good dose of worship and reality? I wonder…

Now as time would have it, a bunch of mini- kievs I’ve just put in the oven (and aren’t they gorgeous?) are just about to burn so I really need to go, so you may guess I haven’t just put them in, it was about 20 mins ago.

Make some space today.

BTW I’ll write a little more about my last mission in Africa, when it’s not 11.30 pm 🙂


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