Land of Windmills…

windmill Well, we made it to the Netherlands. Yes, land of windmills and water. In fact lots of water….

I’m in the Netherlands less than 24 hours but at least I would have managed to have a relaxing cup of tea by a canal, and had a look around the pretty (ish!) city of Leiden.

I’m here visiting Simon and Ruth Dixon, who are missionaries connected with my church here in the Netherlands. In fact I’m sat here in their living room, sitting an an identical Ikea table to the one that I own, and listening to Bruce Forsyth’s 80th Birth day party on the telly behind me – bizarre! If you want to know more about Simon and Ruth, you could always visit them! 🙂

It’s kind of nice to get used to not having the family about in a friendly environment where everyone isn’t strange. The real deal is on tomorrow 🙂 The windmills are nice as well. A Strange Fact. Simon told me today that if your children are persistently late for school you get fined £800 – flippin ‘eck I’d be broke….

I’ll get to Nairobi about 8 in the evening, so it begins then. I did manage to loose 600 USD in my house this morning, much to my stress 🙂 Those of you who know me well will think, well that just doesn’t surprise us. It’ll turn up by the way, so don;t worry.

Right, well, we’ll see where we get to in the next 20 days. If I write 3 weeks it seems too long.



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