And I’m Off….

Well I haven’t updated my blog for the last 2 weeks – woops!!! I do keep meaning to do it – but hey! well…. So I find myself doing it when im in a rush with 30 mins to get to the airport.

So what do I hope for this trip?

I simply hope to take a walk with God and see the things that he is seeing. Some task! SO much of ministry can be rushing around pushing everything. However, whilst I still have a lot to do, I am quite insistent within myself that I remain focused on God. The reason is this. A relationship, a possiblity, can open up a new way, new thoughts. To miss that because of rushing around is certainly silly.

Anyway in an hour or so I will be at the airport on my way to Amsterdam and Leiden where I will see some friends Simon and Ruth Dixon.

If you are going to pray can I ask a few things. Can you pray:

That I will sat relaxed. I sometimes get a bit het up about things and I’d rather not.

Pray for my family.

Pray that I would walk in the way I should walk.




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