The Road Ahead

Well I’m going to get 5 hours of sleep, as at 6 am I’m off to Ullapool in the highlands for a few days R & R. Woohoo! Usual things before going on holiday are sending a barrage of emails to make sure things don’t go through the floor whilst I’m not working…. booo!

Anyway, after that I’m back at home for a week before travelling to Amsterdam for a day, where I’m visiting some missionary friends for a night called Simon and Ruth Dixon. The day after I’m off to kenya, and in particular a town called Kimilili, in Western kenya (yep! the place where all the trouble has been) to see some kenyan Missions at work, and to explore some possibilities. I’m going to see a bunch of people called icFem, who’s motto is Holy Living and Hard Work!

After that it’s back to Nairobi and flying to Zambia, before meeting up with 2 guys called mark and Andy and then going off into the bush in North Western Province for the week to do some research on the mission “Life!”. Then, I dash back down to the capital Lusaka where I run with some friends, an Alpha Conference, then off to Livingstone to run another. Then and only then, do I get to go home!

I talked in my last post about going for a walk, this is going to be some walk!

I really would like you to pray about it – more details on here before I go!



One thought on “The Road Ahead

  1. Hi Jon,
    Though Western part of Kenya has been really volatile as an opposition stronghold, life has returned normal, and i pray that when flowers come that is in June everything will be as it has been when you visit Kimilili.
    I appreciate for your much prayers to my beloved country, Kenya.

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