Going for a Walk…

images This post has the potential to be very deep…. but then again I’m the person that is writing it, so don’t expect too much 🙂


All of my thoughts stem from what following Jesus is actually about. Well, let me ask you that question, what is it about? Answers on a postcard to my email address please.


Let me give you a bit of background. I’m currently contemplating how to successfully engage the community in rural Zambia, coupling that with engaging the church properly both in Zambia and here in the UK. Some task! It could seem overwhelming. However, maybe the solution is not to stress and get all freaked out, maybe the solution is to go for a walk (have a look at the chapter on power in my e-book Practical Discipleship – Download here). Now I’m not talking about a real walk more of a figurative walk with God. To explore his thoughts, his priorities and his agenda.


You see last Thursday I was at the NW leaders forum, and that’s what I felt God say to me. Why don’t we go for a walk Jon? When you think about these things, in fact when you are in Africa, let’s just walk, together. Sounds too simple doesn’t it? Writing this I’m reminded of the book of Genesis and the Garden of Eden, where God walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. I wander if we get more done when we walk with God? I think so.


Isn’t it tremendously humbling though? it means that whilst our effort is important, it is not the be all and end all of God’s work. When challenged to go for a walk, I thought of the verses where Jesus sends out his disciples. He tells them not to take much, to go for a walk without provisions. I wander if a modern day application would be without stressing out, without planning everything to the n’th degree, without having all the finance in place. i think it could mean exactly that. There have been times in my life where I’ve walked with complete abandon, others I’ve struggled at that. However, in the times where I have gone along on God’s route, I just like the disciples have come back amazed at what the Lord had done.


Then there are other people on the road as well. Maybe part of the walk of jesus, is to walk the road with them as well. There’s nothing more depressing than walking alone, believe me I’ve done it. It seems kind of fashionable to go it alone in terms of Church, or religion, or ministry at the moment. I don’t think walking with God calls for that at all. He calls us to walk with other people.


So, go for a walk with God, but don’t be surprised that if when you walk his way, you find others he has invited to.


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