Seeing Old Friends

Last Friday I was on the Wirral all day. Now for those of you who do not know, the Wirral is the peninsula next to the River Mersey. It IS NOT Liverpool and never will be. 🙂

I came across some old friends, Ron and Tracy Iveson. In fact they used to be my old youth leaders, in a church called St Peters, Rock Ferry. It is no exaggeration that their work and patience, helped me to grow as a Christian, in the early years of my spiritual life.

So Well Done Ron and Tracy 🙂 Nice Chinese by they way – Thanks!

It seems to me that in life you get sucked into the present. It’s a by product of only having one brain, life does indeed move on. However, I wonder if God connects people in their lives with His ultimate purposes in mind. Since leaving the staff at Ivy Cottage Church about a year ago, I’ve discovered a wealth of people who are friends and God has dotted around to help in what is in front of us. No meeting is accidental, nothing is co-incidental. The living God does indeed order our steps and is orchestrating the seeming chaos around our lives. So once in a while, take your head out of the present and have a look around – it may be God has place everything you need before you…. 🙂

For those of you who want to see the caliber of the people who he may link us with – catch this video of Ron fighting at Church. PS. He’s the Vicar!


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