"Life!" – Here we Go!

Life Drink Thought you may want a little look at some of the work that I will be engaging in this year. It’s called “Life!” and is really a response to something that I felt God say to me last year. I was sat outside a leadership conference in Solwezi in NW Zambia and felt that the Lord was telling me to push out into the bush, to not play ‘safe’ in the towns but to go for it and reach those who are truly desperate.

So, “Life!” is my response to that. Well, my response and hopefully some inspiration from God himself. It’s a model of multi-disciplinary mission work, from preaching to water, discipleship to health education. It is very exciting and very challenging. So I’m sat here in January thinking, mmmmmm how are we going to make this happen then? I remember Andy Hawthorne saying you must put yourself in a place where you are stuffed without God. Well, I’ve just gone and done that! 🙂

Let me put it this way. We don’t just want people to be involved in this. We NEED people to be involved in this! It simply will not happen if not. Now that’s a challenge. It may be that you want to be involved in “Life!”. If so just give me an email and well that would be great!

To find more information,follow the link to Dignity’s “Life!” page.

Click here for more information on “Life!”

At the very least, I’ love you to pray for this regularly!


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