Something to Pray About

Today I was chatting with Sarah, a good friend and a very bright colleague. (That’s to make up for me saying she is bad in the mornings in my last post). We both feel that we are finally finding our feet in what we do. The rest is yet to come. Can I ask that you pray for us as we walk into what is ahead of us?

Secondly, some of you may or may not know that Jude my wife and I are having a new baby in a couple of weeks! I would love it if you could pray for the safe delivery of our new addition and the safety of Jude! I’m not medical ad I get worried about such things. It would mean a lot if you could.



One thought on “Something to Pray About

  1. well john thats very prophetic of you to be so bold in this current climate. Well done you. I think about Jesus in the temple and the fear of Go d comes over me when I think of how we have justified the use of finances in the church but i suspect this has been for our own means. This is so scary hey!!! But I think God is calling us to account for the way we have behaved and justified ourselves. R u getting me man!!! trish

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