The Feeling of Momentum

open road Movement, dynamism, a feeling of going somewhere, that has characterized the last month for me. Maybe it is the setting up of a ministry that did not exist before, that simply takes more time that I ever expected it to do so. However, now I feel like we are beginning to get somewhere.

This week I’ve taken to ringing many people that I know, asking them to distribute Dignity’s news magazine "Out There". Those of you from my Ivy Cottage days may remember that was the name we gave the church evangelistic magazine. Well the title has gone with me! 🙂 You see, ringing all of those people up, has given me a tremendous sense of rightness in what we are doing. There are many Christians who act full of faith in public or after the fact, in private however it can be a different story. There has been times in the last year where I’ve thought is this definitely the right thing? However, speaking to so many people who seem so willing to help has helped me to see the favor that is not only upon me, but also upon the many people that work with us.

By the way, if you are one of those people who is helping, thanks! If you do want a magazine electronically, you can email

Momentum I believe is also something God builds. He chooses the time, he chooses the place of movement, how it flows and where it goes. I think that is a lesson that I really, really need to learn. It is not about us, it is not about our agenda, or our momentum, it is really all about His momentum and how we fit into it. That doesn’t necessarily fit our neat little plans. Most of the time, I think we can rip up our plans into millions of tiny little pieces….

We have a very long road ahead of us, but in the same way you can feel excited about along journey and traveling, I feel very excited about what the future holds.

For my family this excitement gets even more so when you consider we are having a new addition to our family in the very near future. At the same time, we are contemplating our movements in the next couple of years. That could be daunting, and well it is, but there is a part of me that is so excited and so very alive with it all. Jude and I, we just want our life to be about our Lord and where He wants us, daunting, yes, scary, yes!, boring – never!

Jesus has spoken to me about favor so many times. When he spoke to Gideon he said go in the strength you have and I will be with you. Joshua – go and do not be afraid. Isaiah, who will go for us, he volunteers himself and then God himself wipes away his inadequacy. Out of our relationship with the Lord can come and incredible directive and fervor in life, to worship Him, serve Him and serve others. So often though, we loose sight of that favor and retreat into ourselves.

I guess this week, I’ve caught sight once again of the favor of God. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all kept our eyes on it?

Yours a very encouraged and excited – Jon!


One thought on “The Feeling of Momentum

  1. aarrgh youre wonderful wife jude has probably had your third child by now and you have been so shattered that getting on the www is a hilarious thought. We have 3 children and life has been crazy. I have some great contacts with your original church St Peters they are making great in roads in the community. Do you know Elaine and Carol. Anyway you were always a clued up guy so I am hoping that you have got a clue what God is up to in our nation. We think he is stripping and shaking then will emerge the true church from amongst the rubble. You and your family hold on, gather your children close, you will come through to the other side, I know you will TRISH

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