Live for the Moment

It’s wednesday. We are back in Luenna. I think it is a week since I last posted on here – doesn’t time fly? One of the things it is hard to do whilst you are on a trip, is believe it or not to focus on the here and now. There are always other days, and of course, going home. Those trends have a habit of pulling our focus away from the day in hand, to some future time. When we are there, guess what? we do the same again. That means we never live for the moment.

Let’s take the last couple of days as an example. A 120 km trip into the bush, 2 towns (municipio’s), Leau (pronounced Lay – oo – ah) and Lames Come (I think!). It takes 5 hours to travel those 120 km as the roads are so bad. After bumping around, your mind can drift, and if you are anything near as human as me, you start to wish you just were not there. But then if I’d kept in that frame of mind I would have missed so much.

Meeting the Town Administrator od Lamez Come and praying with him.

Praying for the town and having an impromptu evangelistic meeting in the town.

Missing the two peolpe who were posessed by Spirits and sorting them out. (I know that sounds just about as wierd as it can get!)

Missed talking about our future work with Pastor Luis.

And so many other things. We all need to learn to live for the moment.

The previous days saw a lot of activity. It’s always difficult communicating here. My portuguese whilst understanding a lot, speaking is difficult. Then there are cultural differences. When we met with the leadership here to discuss what we thought we could do, it was quite tense, more to do with communication than anything else. I’m happy to say, they seem to be coming on board!

We’ve run a school of evangelism where we tried to build in pratical help. In Africa, most of the churches work is preach and preach and preach and preach. However on Saturday we spent the day thinking about social helps. For the first time I thought that a lot of people ‘got it’!

Yesterday I had an intersting conversation about the church and helping people to grow here in Angola. It seems to me that so many Christians simply dio not know about what they believe. Many of them still have problems with witchcraft and many other things. The net result is a Christianity that is more concerend with itself than others. That bothers me and is something I want to do something about. The more i think about what we hope to do here, the more convinced I am that we need someone here for a few months (any interested people speak to me!). Better get praying for that person I suppose.

Anyway, I’m here at the UNICEF offices and I have far outstayed my 30 minute welcome. I’d better be going. Jon


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