How Life Slows Down

Perhaps the hardest thing for me about being in Africa is the pace. Everything is so slow. Now this isn’t meant to be a criticism of Africa, more my inability to slow down.

So here we are in Luena, slow town, where everything takes an age. Luena is 1400 km away from the capital, Moxico province being one of the most difficult provinces to reach by road or rail. I’ve just been speaking to a UN representative who told me that this was a difficult province to work in, prices some 300% higher than the capital (for example a bag of cement costs some $40, probably about $8 in the UK)

However that is not the only thing I struggle with. We are here teaching the Church, there was one point in a meeting last night, where I suggested that the church was meant to serve others, that caused no small amount of consternation in the room. It is as if the Church exists in some quarters to serve itself – I fnid that difficult.

The good news is that we have started to talk a little about what we believe we can do here practically. It is hard and I feel like I’m paying a game of poker and I don;t know all of the rules. If I say too much and promise too much, people are bound to be dissapointed or worse still, somehow just keep expecting handouts. I’m really senstive to that – it angers me a little. If I don’t say enough – nothing will ever happen. In my mind I’m thinking lets just try a little and see how it goes. I really need a lot more wisdom that I have for this, better ask God for some.

One of the results of life slowing down is that I think more. Sometimes that is good, sometimes I really do not like it. Thoughts can be very encouraging or discouraging things. With me it very much depends upon the mood I am in.

Tomorrow sees the start of the leaders conference we are doing. I’m going to talk about eternity, and how being heavenly minded should make us more use here on this Earth. haven’t managed to do a whole load of preparation, so pray for me in that. (I have done some for those who know me!)

I wander how Sarah is getting on in South Africa and Adam in Zambia? Maybe if they read this they could leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “How Life Slows Down

  1. Hi Jon,
    Glad to hear you’ve arrived safe and well 🙂 Things are not so slow paced here, but we are doing well. Applications for the new nurse flooding in and the clinic back open with a basic service. We had a very encouraging meeting yesterday with the community leaders, and are settling in well despite a few probs with immigration which will hopefully be sorted tomorrow! Praying for you all and will keep updated with your blog, hopefully you have time to catch up with ours too 🙂 God bless

  2. Hi Jon, good to read your news! It gives me great pleasure to hear you have had to slow down, even though somewhat enforced by the sheer pace of things out there!

    We are thinking and praying you will know God’s clear direction. Trust in the LORD with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight

    Take care

  3. Hope all’s going well. Everything is fine here. God managed to adjust our newspaper ad to make us look like a ‘big’ outfit so we’ve had loads of calls but not complaining.

    His hand on the Angola stuff is really encouragng and we’re praying that you continue to make progress. Jude phoned before there prayer meeting which was great.

    Need to continue to pray for ‘situations’ here but all in all things are good and we’re moving forward 🙂

    Take care and keep in touch when you can.

    God bless

    (Helen sent a comment a few days ago so it may have been spammed!)

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