Eirean Extreme

Well we are in Ireland, the Emerald Isle, land of Leprechauns and all that. We haven’t found a pot of gold yet, and there have been plenty of rainbows (mainly due to all of the rain).

I must tell you about my trip to Skelig Michael yesterday. Skellig M is a vertical blade of rock that some monks inhabited from the 9th century or somethinglike that. It is in the Atlantic Ocean, about 12 miles of the Coast od County Kerry. So after grabbing a lift from Paddy(! 🙂 ), one of the boat owners, I ended up in Portmaghee, the departure point. The boat owners were a convivial lot, joking around as the irish do. Anyway, we set off at 10am, the sea didn’t seem too bad, everyone was in go spirits. 15 minutes later that was not the case. One of the boats in our flotila had ominously turned around. The sea was getting quite feisty.

Now I’m not a seafarer of any description, but at first it was fun, the boat flying up and down on quite a high swell. After a while though it was becoming very tiring. The sea was almost constantly spraying over the side of the boat on top of us. This went on for an hour. By this time I was beginning to feel a little grim. So we finnally get to the Skellings. However, we couldn;t land, the coastgaurd had called to say that we whould turn around as some weather was moving in. That was bad news, not only becasue it meant we couldn’t see the ancient monasteries, but also becasue one of our boat was lying on the floor so ill with seasickness that she couldn’t stand up.

The wind was getting up, the spray was getting higher. We started off back. The journey was not exactly pleasant. An hour of rollercoaster yawing and rolling on a small boat in the Atlantic. By the time we got back to Portmaghee, our female friend on the boat was suffering fromhypothermia. All in all a pleasant trip! Well you have to look on the bright side, we are in Ireland after all. (BTW Jude and the kids were safe on land in all of this).

I then got back to the campsite and our tent had been blown down by the the wind……. another typical Witt holiday.



One thought on “Eirean Extreme

  1. Hey.

    Sounds like the prayer for a relaxing break has been answered! Hope you’re all well and having a great time.

    Things here in Zambia are good but as challenging as ever 🙂

    Take care, have fun and rest!

    Love to all


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